Anete Sooda

Anete gained a BA Hons Degree in Photography from Hull School of Art & Design in 2016 having moved to the area from Latvia when she was young. Since graduating she has photographed countless events in and around Hull steadily building her portfolio to develop her business. She admits, “When I was just graduated, I was a little bit clueless but keen and willing to crack on.  I had a basic idea of how to set up a business, but I was not confident in the business side of things … I was quite unsure.

She approached Creative ENRG straight after coming out of University: “The way Creative ENRG was set up to work, needing to account to someone on a monthly basis has been really important. I’ve gone to see my advisor and I needed to tell him  what I’ve been up to and how I am with my cash flows and all that. It’s been really important for me to have that meeting because it’s a push point for me to work and get things done

Anete noted that CENRG has helped fill in the gaps in her education, helping her with everything she needed to get set up, commenting “I feel confident about it, I’m not scared of doing my tax returns.” As a freelancer, Anete found the support she received  enabled her take care of everything involved in freelance work. “It affects me on a personal level because if you feel like you’re doing good at your job, you feel more confident living your life with a good sense that you’ve got everything okay.”

Considering what it’s like for creative and artistic people to make a living , Anete commented “Sometimes really confident artists are not confident business people. If you want to make a living out of it you need all that package alongside your creative work so it’s really important that you get people who know what they’re doing. Creative ENRG have got all the help, all the forms, all the information, skills, practice, you know - everything to help you

Anete operates as a freelance photographer across Hull & East Riding and is showing with Creative ENRG as part of Artists Takeover #4 at Queens House Showcase, Paragon Street, Hull until March 17.

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